Snow in Love


Sitting in the snow

The warmness of my love in my heart for you just glows

I watch you make snowman’s just for me in rows

You quickly run to me pressing your lips onto mine then you twirl me to a dance thru the snow oh how our tongues flow!



So Real

Today and everyday

I love you more than words I can say

So I will do my best anyway

I love you with all my might

As high & beyond a kite in flight

Loving you is the only thing I want to do

For I am in love with being in love with you!

Love in the Jacaranda tree


How much do I love thee

Let me tell you as we sit in this Jacaranda Tree

But first let me show what I got you on my shopping spree

Smiling, I love you in the morning

Especially more right before you open your eyes

I love you in the afternoon right before you say my name

The way your lips look with that perfect smile before you speak

I love you most of all in the evening moonlight

The excitement inside me as you lay me down to make love to me