Magic sand

I am dancing on the sand
Isn’t our love grand?
He pulls me in close and whispers in my ear
My heart soars when he says
I love you more!




I love you in the morning
I love you in the afternoon
I love you in the evening
I love you all day long….


Snow Dance

I’m standing outside
With you by my side
You take my hand slowly we walk in stride
You swirl and twirl me and pull me in real close
The snowflakes start falling on my nose
Slowly we snow dance, all of this for us
We dance,oh so magical we dance till dusk

Marry Me

If I marry you on a Sunday

Lets make it a holiday

If I marry you on Monday

Lets make sure we celebrate and eat a sundae

If I marry you on a Wednesday

Lets proclaim it a Fun-day

Cuz if I marry you on a Thursday

It would be mundane

So lets get married on Friday and Saturday

That way we get a double day honeymoon away!