Love Art 

Your love vibrates inside my heart 

Moves like a paintbrush,bring forth the senses into the sacredness of love art 

You and I never apart .

Copyright 2017

In our other life

In our other life

In our other life I hold your hand, and gaze across that moonlit sand;
Where once we stood, in years gone by, and our love, we vowed would never say goodbye.

So much unspoken, so much unsaid;
So much left locked within my head.

And yet the memory returns, and every moonlit night it yearns,
To see your face again, and my heart unbroken
In our other life…

In our other life I speak the words I longed to say an age ago;
When cruel fate and angels wings took precedence over tender things.

our interrupted love set aside for others,

yet my love for you never withers.

And yet I saw you in my dreams, and tears cleansed internal screams,
To hear your voice again, I pray one day
In our other life…

In our other life I wait for you, my secret heart, my summer’s sun;
To finish what a life ago on the beach this love begun,
I’ll wait for you, promise me no more goodbyes;

for I can not
In our other life…

Promise me one thing, my love, my heart,

when we are done we will finish what we start.

and you will never leave me again,

In our other life …