Morning Bliss


I love you every morning
As each second happens
My love for you explodes
Like the sun that shines through the windowpane
I arise and wipe my eyes ever so softly
…blowing a kiss in your direction



Even though we are apart
You are forever in my heart
I kiss you every morning softly
and move my lips to whisper in your ear
I love you my dear 



When I wished upon the star,
I knew I would travel very far
Into  your loving arms again
And be forever eternally entwined
in our love chain
I love you



I’m in love
He takes my hand to walk me in the park
He leads me to a pretty flower tree,
spins me around so I sit on his knee
and then he kisses me!

You are

You are the deepest part of me
You are my joy
You are my song in my heart
You are my smile on my face
You are my everything


My every morning days are forever sunny
And it’s all to you my honey bunny
His kisses warm me ever so lightly
For he is my forever heart and I love him with all of my mighty!




When my baby smiles
I could walk for miles
But only for awhile
For I need to smell the flowers
When my baby smiles